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Whether you have a small puncture or a split on the side-wall of your tyre, its always worth checking to see if it can be repaired. 
We deal with many punctures a day and specialise in both tubeless and tubed tyres.
If we cannot repair your tyre - we can send it away to have a major repair. 

Tubed Tyres:

Tubed tyres are still common today, in tractors, 4x4 and even some cars/vans.
We fix tubes by applying a patch, or if the tyre is slightly split or damaged we can apply a 'gator' which is basically a patch but alot stronger to hold the tyre together and stop the tube from being damaged.


Tubeless Tyres:

Cars - Sometimes the tyre is not the cause of the puncture but the rim itself, if it is going down slowly it may be that the valve needs replacing or the rim needs cleaning.  
If it is a puncture we simply remove the nail/screw and plug the hole with an insert, which fills the hole from the inside and acts as a patch. 

On site fitting / repairs

If you cant make it to the garage or just want us to come out to fit the tyres to your tractor or other vehicles we will come out ASAP on the very same day. 

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